Second Year Housing

Second Year Torero Experiential Program (STEP)

One of the major benefits of living on campus is the fully furnished apartments that offer convenient access to resident assistants and University Ministry members who are more than just residence staff. With such a wide range of resources, services and personal support offered, it's no wonder why so many Toreros choose to stay on campus after their first-year living experience.

Campus apartments are available for sophomore students, and the STEP program is housed in the Vistas and San Buenaventura. All apartments have wireless internet access. Resident Ministers reside in the campus apartments along with area Community Directors and Resident Assistants. Each resident has a chest of drawers, desk, desk chair, plus all units have a sofa and chair, dining table and chairs and kitchens that include stoves and refrigerators. No small appliances, dishes, pans or utensils are provided. The room rates for all the apartment complexes include the cost of utilities and excellent wifi access.

PLEASE NOTE: All unmarried students with credits defining them as either a first-year or second-year student who are under 20 years of age at the initial start date of their first agreement period of occupancy at the University and who do not commute from the permanent (i.e. primary and not a secondary) San Diego County home of their parent(s) or court appointed legal guardian are required to live in University housing. A Resident who becomes 20 years of age following the Resident's initial matriculation at the University will still be subject to and required to fulfill the two-year residency requirement.

Sample floor plan for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment for four students:


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Sample floor plan for a four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment for four students:


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First-Year Students

4 semesters 3 semesters 20
or Older*
Fall Enrollment x E
Spring Enrollment x E
Fall Leave of Absence x E
  • X means required and E means exception
  • *20 years or older on the day of first year agreement period of occupancy (Incoming Fall Students: September 4, 2017)
  • The above chart applies to all new first year students and transfer students with less than 30 units (completed and transferable to USD)

Transfer Students

2 Semesters 1 Semester 20 or Older* 60+ Units 4 Semesters Completed
Fall Enrollment X E E E
Spring Enrollment X E E E
  • X means required and E means exception
  • Part time enrollment is based on age and units. Contact Residential Life via email for more information (
  • *20 years or older on the day of first year agreement period of occupancy (Incoming Fall Students: September 4, 2017)
  • The above chart applies to all transfer students with between 31 units and 59 units (completed and transferable to USD)

Apartments available to sophomores include:

Alcala Vista Apartments

Focusing on Second Year Students, the three-story complex has 192 apartments, designed to accommodate up to four residents each.

Manchester Village

Next to Manchester Canyon Field stands Manchester Village, which offers a more personalized living experience. Students may choose from one, two or four bedroom apartments.

Missions Apartments: San Antonio de Padua

Across from Missions Café and Fitness Center in the area known as "The Valley" are the San Antonio De Padua apartments. The San Antonio de Padua offers units consisting of studios for two residents and large one-bedroom apartments for three residents. A laundry room, study/computer lounge and recreation room are located on the ground level of this three-story building. A swimming pool is located at the south end of the building.

Missions Apartments: San Buenaventura

Home of STEP, adjacent to the Missions Café and Fitness Center in the area known as "The Valley" are the San Buenaventura apartment complexes. San Buenaventura is USD's newest residence hall, and features apartments with larger rooms and bathrooms. The building also has a plethora of study rooms, multipurpose rooms and even a classroom, where several classes are held each year.

University Terrace Apartments

The University Terraces Apartments offer a mature living environment for second-year, junior, and senior students. The 38 apartments have two bedrooms and either 1 or 2 baths for three or four residents respectively. The UTAs are a continuous occupancy area (including Christmas Break, Intersession, and Spring Break). The continuous occupancy feature is at no additional cost for those with a full academic year agreement. All units are fully furnished offering living and dining areas and a kitchen. Most of these units, except those on the A level have a large terrace with views of Mission Bay, the Pacific Ocean, and Point Loma. The complex also has two-laundry rooms with laundry pay card stations, a fitness room and two-study rooms. Residential Life staffing includes four Resident Assistants (RAs) who reside in the area and a nearby Assistant Community Director (ACD). Second-year students living in the UTAs have easy access to all Second-Year Torero Experiential Program (STEP) events and activities.

For more information about the STEP, please visit the SYE website.

For more information about on campus events and program, please visit the RHA website.