​Peacebuilding Strategies in the Field

Go into the field to create a more peaceful and just world.

To be the change or see the change takes a willingness overcome histories of conflict. Yet for those tangled inside the day-to-day struggles of conflict, a way out feels impossible. The Institute for Peace and Justice brings a first-hand understanding of the most pressing issues of our time to communities in conflict. Armed with knowledge, we can support individuals and organizations with training and peacebuilding strategies for ending conflict in their own backyards.

Our program officers respond to requests for guidance in diverse regions, from the urban slums of Nairobi to remote villages in Nepal. Our global partners in eight countries come from all walks of life — representing a wide range of backgrounds committed to a common interest in peace and justice. We work with government and opposition leaders; women and youth; soldiers and former combatants; business leaders and journalists helping them learn to put aside their differences to find common ground, overcome violent histories and create positive responses to complex challenges. Knowing how to better communicate, negotiate, mediate and lead helps local changemakers progress toward peace.

Because we don't have overseas offices or staff, our international peacebuilding strategies depend on active communication with trusted local partners. We initiate specific training, support and tools adapted to meet the unique needs of each community we serve.

Cambodia Cambodia Learn how we're supporting Cambodian women to be active political participants.
Kenya Kenya Discover how we're working to prevent violence through changing attitudes.
Nepal Nepal See how we're supporting communities by creating spaces for open, productive communication.

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