Faculty Scholarship

Committed to the pursuit of academic excellence, the University of San Diego School of Law's faculty is recognized nationally for their scholarly impact.

USD's community of scholars author leading casebooks and treatises, scholarly monographs published by the finest university presses and influential articles in the nation's leading law reviews. Faculty members come from diverse personal, professional and academic backgrounds and include numerous former judicial clerks, practitioners from the private and public sectors as well as both sitting and former judges.

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Alexander, Lawrence A.

Alexander's publications include “Distributive Justice and Retributive Justice” in Oxford Handbook of Distributive Justice (Olsaretti, ed.) (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2016); “Ignorance as a Legal Excuse” in Moral and Legal Ignorance (Peels, ed.) (Routledge, forthcoming 2016); “The Means Principle” in Legal, Moral, and Metaphysical Truths: The Philosophy of Michael Moore (Ferzan, and Morse, eds.) (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2016); “Did Casey Strikeout? Following and Overruling Constitutional Precedents in the Supreme Court” in Precedent in the United States Supreme Court (Peters, ed.) (Spinger, 2013); “Redish on Freedom of Speech” in 107 Northwestern Law Review 593 (2013); “Fletcher on the Fault of Not Knowing” in Essays on Criminal Law (with Ferzan) (Christopher, ed.) (Oxford University Press, 2012); “Legal Objectivity and the Illusion of Legal Principles” in Institutionalized Reason: The Jurisprudence of Robert Alexy (Klatt, ed.) (Oxford University Press, 2012); Crime and Culpability: A Theory of Criminal Law (with Ferzan, and Morse) (Cambridge University Press, 2009); Demystifying Legal Reasoning (with Sherwin) (Cambridge University Press, 2008); and Is There a Right of Freedom of Expression? (Cambridge University Press, 2005).

Barry, Jordan M.

Barry's publications include “Tax Regulation, Transportation Innovation, and the Sharing Economy” in 81 University of Chicago Law Review Dialogue 69 (with Caron) (2014); “The Emerging Consensus for Cutting the Corporate Income Tax Rate” (solicited piece) in 18 Chapman Law Review 19 (2014); “On Derivatives Markets and Social Welfare: A Theory of Empty Voting and Hidden Ownership” in 99 Virginia Law Review 1103 (with Hatfield, and Kominers) (2013); “Is the Individual Mandate Really Mandatory?” in 135 Tax Notes 1633 (with Camp) (2012); “Pills and Partisans: Understanding Takeover Defenses” in 160 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 633 (with Hatfield) (2012); “Prosecuting the Exonerated: Actual Innocence and the Double Jeopardy Clause” in 64 Stanford Law Review 535 (2012); and “On Regulatory Arbitrage” in 89 Texas Law Review See Also 69 (2011).

Bell, Abraham

Bell's publications include “Governing Communities by Auction” in 80 University of Chicago Law Review 1 (with Parchomovsky) (2014); “Reinventing Copyright and Patent” in 113 Michigan Law Review 231 (with Parchomovsky) (2014); “Property Lost in Translation” in 80 University of Chicago Law Review 515 (with Parchomovsky) (2013); and “The Case for Imperfect Enforcement of Property Rights” in 160 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1927 (with Parchomovsky) (2012).

Bellin, Jeffrey

Bellin's publications include “Hearsay” in Federal Practice & Procedure (with Charles A. Wright) (forthcoming 2017); “The Right to Remain Armed” in 93 Washington University Law Review 1 (2015); and “Trial by Google: Judicial Notice in the Information Age” in 108 Northwestern Law Review 1137 (with Andrew Ferguson) (2014).

Brooks, Roy L.

Brooks' publications include The Racial Glass Ceiling (Yale University Press, forthcoming 2017); Structures of Judicial Decision Making from Legal Formalism to Critical Theory, Rev. 2nd Ed. (Carolina Academic Press, 2012); Racial Justice in the Age of Obama (Princeton University Press, 2009); Atonement and Forgiveness: A New Model for Black Reparations (University of California Press, 2004); When Sorry Isn't Enough: The Controversy Over Apologies and Reparations for Human Injustice (New York University Press, 1999); and Integration or Separation? A Strategy for Racial Equality (Harvard University Press, 1996).

Claus, Laurence

Claus' publications include “Law's Evolution and Human Understanding” in 51 San Diego Law Review 953 (2014); Law's Evolution and Human Understanding (Oxford University Press, 2012); “The Empty Idea of Authority” in 2009 University of Illinois Law Review 1301 (2009); “The One Court That Congress Cannot Take Away: Singularity, Supremacy, and Article III” in 96 Georgetown Law Journal 59 (2007); and “Montesquieu's Mistakes and the True Meaning of Separation” in 25 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 419 (2005).

Cole, Kevin

Cole's publications include “Sex and the Single Malt Girl: How Voluntary Intoxication Affects Consent” in Montana Law Review (forthcoming 2017); "Sexual Assault Law" at Browning Symposium at University of Montana Law School (October 2016); “Backpedalling in Place: The ALI's Move from "Affirmative" to "Contextual" Consent” in (2016); “Better Sex Through Criminal Law: Proxy Crimes, Covert Negligence, and Other Difficulties of "Affirmative Consent" in the ALI's Draft Sexual Assault Provisions” in 53 San Diego Law Review 507 (2016); The Little White Book of Baseball Law (with Minan) (ABA Publishing, 2009); Expanding the Right to a Jury Trial San Diego Union-Tribune (2004); An Assault on Our Civil Rights? Hardly San Diego Union-Tribune (2002); "Miranda and the Future of Police Interrogation" as moderator at University of San Diego (March 7, 2000); "The Role of Benefit in the Criminal Law" as presenter at Association of American Law Schools (January 9, 1999); and Federal Sentencing Guidelines Handbook (with Haines, and Woll) (Shepard's/McGraw-Hill, 1996).

Dallas, Lynne L.

Dallas' publications include “Short-Termism, the Financial Crisis, and Corporate Governance” in 37 Journal of Corporation Law 265 (2012); “Doctrinal Divisions and Issues in Business Associations” in Encyclopedia of Law and Society American and Global Perspectives, 2nd Ed. (Clark, ed.) (Sage Publications, 2006); Law and Public Policy: A Socioeconomic Approach (Carolina Academic Press, 2005); “A Preliminary Inquiry into the Responsibility of Corporations and Their Directors and Officers for Corporate Climate: The Psychology of Enron's Demise” in 35 Rutgers Law Review 1 (2003); “Law and Socio-Economics in Legal Education” in 55 Rutgers Law Review 855 (2003); “The New Managerialism and Diversity on Corporate Boards of Directors” in 76 Tulane Law Review 1363 (2002); “Two Models of Corporate Governance: Beyond Berle and Means” in 22 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 19 (1998); “Proposals for Reform of Corporate Boards of Directors: The Dual Board and Corporate Ombudsperson” in 54 Washington and Lee Law Review 1 (1997); “The Relational Board: Three Theories of Corporate Boards of Directors” in 22 Journal of Corporation Law 1 (1996); and “Working Toward a New Paradigm” in Progressive Corporate Law (Mitchell, ed.) (Westview Press, 1995).

Dalton, Margaret A.

Dalton's publications include “Did He Really Do That? How to Use Behavior Data to Make Legal Arguments” in Council of Parent Advocates and Attorneys Annual Compendium of Materials (with Lehman) (2013); “Education Rights and the Special Needs Child” in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America (2002); and “Today's Teenagers: A Special Report” in Encyclopedia Americana Yearbook (Scholastic, 2000).

Devitt, Michael

Devitt's publications include “Improper Deportation of Legal Permanent Residents: The U.S. Government's Mischaracterization of the Supreme Court's Decision in Nijhawan v. Holder” in 15 International Law Journal 1 (2013).

Dripps, Donald A.

Dripps' publications include “Does Liberal Procedure Cause Punitive Substance? Preliminary Evidence from Some Natural Experiments” in 87 Southern California Law Review 459 (2014); “'Dearest Property': Digital Evidence and the History of Private 'Papers' as Special Objects of Search and Seizure” in 103 Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 49 (2013); Criminal Law and Procedure: Cases and Materials, 12th Ed. (with Boyce, and Perkins) (Foundation Press, 2013); “Why Gideon Failed: Politics and Feedback Loops in the Reform of Criminal Justice” in 70 Washington and Lee Law Review 833 (2013); “The Substance-Procedure Relationship in Criminal Law” in Philosophical Foundations of Criminal Law p.409 (Duff, and Green, eds.) (Oxford University Press, 2011); About Guilt and Innocence: The Origins, Development, and Future of Constitutional Criminal Procedure (Greenwood Press, 2003); “Criminal Procedure, Footnote Four, and the Theory of Public Choice: OR, Why don't Legislatures Give a Damn about the Rights of the Accused?” in 44 Syracuse Law Review 1079 (1993); “Beyond Rape: An Essay on the Difference Between the Presence of Force and the Absence of Consent” in 92 Columbia Law Review 1780 (1992); and “Living with Leon” in 95 Yale Law Journal 906 (1986).

Duane, Tim

Duane's publications include “Partial Solar Eclipse: Legal Obstacles to Solar Energy Development on Military Lands” in 6 George Washington University Journal of Energy and Environmental Law 1 (with Kuhn) (2014); “Legal, Technical, and Economic Challenges in Integrating Renewable Power Generation into the Electricity Grid” in 4 San Diego Journal of Climate and Energy Law 1 (with Griffith) (2013); “Putting the Dormant Commerce Clause Back to Sleep: Adapting the Doctrine to Support State Renewable Portfolio Standards” in 43 Environmental Law 295 (with Lee) (2013); “Water, Work, Wildlife, and Wilderness: the Collaborative Federal Public Lands Planning Framework for Utility-Scale Solar Energy Development in the Desert Southwest” in 41 Environmental Law 1093 (with McIntyre) (2011); “Greening the Grid: Implementing Climate Change Policy Through Energy Efficiency, Renewable Portfolio Standards, and Strategic Transmission System Investments” in 34 Vermont Law Review 711 (2010); and Shaping the Sierra: Nature, Culture, and Conflict in the Changing West (University of California Press, 1998).

Fellmeth, Robert C.

Fellmeth's publications include “Expert Testimony in Child Related Litigation” in Handbook of Pediatric Forensic Pathology (with Chadwick) (Byard, and Collins, eds.) (Spiriner Publishing, 2014); “Legal Issues” in Child Maltreatment, Physical Abuse and Neglect, 4th Ed. (Chadwick, Giardino, and Alexander, eds.) (STM Learning, 2014); State Child Welfare Violations and Federal Non-Enforcement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (with Hatfield, and Juel) (Children's Advocacy Institute, April 2012); State Secrecy and Child Deaths in the U.S. (with Weichel, Riehl, Samuelson, et al.) (Children's Advocacy Institute and First Star, April 2012); Child Rights and Remedies, 3rd Ed. (Clarity Press, 2011); and California White Collar Crime, 3rd Ed. (with Papageorge) (Tower, 2010).

Ferguson, M. Carr

Ferguson's publications include Federal Income Taxation of Estates, Trusts, and Beneficiaries, 3rd Ed. Ed. (with Ascher, and Freeland) (Aspen Law & Business, 1998); and Federal Tax Legislation in Perspective (with Eustice, and Ross) (The American Law Institute, 1965).

Ferruolo, Stephen C.

Ferruolo's publications include The Origins of the University: The Schools of Paris and Their Critics (Stanford University Press, 1985).

Fields, Shawn E.

Fields' publications include “From Guantánamo to Syria: The Extraterritorial Rights of Immigrants in the Age of ?Extreme Vetting” in Cardozo Law Review (forthcoming 2018); “The Unreviewable Executive? National Security and the Limits of Plenary Power” in Tennessee Law Review (forthcoming 2017); “Private Crimes and Public Forgiveness: Towards a Refined Restorative Justice Amnesty Regime ” in 5 International Journal of Civil Social Law 2 (2007); “The U.S. Response to Human Trafficking: An Unbalanced Approach” in Women?s Commission for Refugee Women and Children (2007); and “Constitutional Comparativism and the Eighth Amendment: How a Flawed Proportionality Requirement Can Benefit From Foreign Law” in 86 Boston University Law Review 963 (2006).

Fleischer, Miranda Perry

Fleischer's publications include “Not So Fast: The Hidden Difficulties of Taxing Wealth” in Nomos Wealth Volume (The American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy, forthcoming 2017); “Divide and Conquer: Using an Accessions Tax to Combat Dynastic Wealth Transfers” in 57 Boston College Law Review 913 (2016); “Libertarianism and the Charitable Tax Subsidies” in 56 Boston College Law Review 1345 (2015); “Charitable Giving and Utilitarianism: Problems and Priorities” in 89 Indiana Law Journal 1485 (2014); “Equality of Opportunity and the Charitable Tax Subsidies” in 91 Boston University Law Review 601 (2011); “Theorizing the Charitable Tax Subsidies: The Role of Distributive Justice” in 87 Washington University Law Review 505 (2010); “Generous to a Fault? Fair Shares and Charitable Giving” in 93 Minnesota Law Review 165 (2008); and “Charitable Contributions in an Ideal Estate Tax” in 60 Tax Law Review 263 (2007).

Fleischer, Victor

Fleischer's publications include “Curb Your Enthusiasm for Pigovian Taxes” in 68 Vanderbilt Law Review 1673 (2015); “Taxing Founders' Stock” in 59 UCLA Law Review 60 (2011); “Regulatory Arbitrage” in 89 Texas Law Review 227 (2010); “A Theory of Taxing Sovereign Wealth” in 84 NYU Law Review 440 (2009); and “Two and Twenty: Taxing Partnership Profits in Private Equity Funds” in 83 NYU Law Review 1 (2008).

Folsom, Ralph H.

Folsom's publications include Foreign Investment Law (West Academic Publishing, 2016); International Business Transactions Practitioner's Treatise, 12th Ed. (West Academic Publishing, 2016); International Business Transactions: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook, 12th Ed. (with Gordon, Van Alstine, and Ramsey) (West Academic Publishing, 2015); Principles of International Litigation and Arbitration (2015); State Antitrust Laws (Mathew Bender, 2015); NAFTA, Free Trade and Foreign Investment in the Americas, 5th Ed. (West Academic Publishing, 2014); Principles of European Union Law, 4th Ed. (West Academic Publishing, 2014); and Principles of International Trade Law (West Academic Publishing, 2014).

Fox, Dov

Fox's publications include “Reproductive Negligence” in 117 Columbia Law Review 149 (2017); “Constitutional Retroactivity in Criminal Procedure” in 91 Washington Law Review 463 (with Stein) (2016); “Religion and the Unborn under the First Amendment” in Law, Religion, and Health in America (2016); “Selective Procreation in Public and Private Law” in 64 UCLA Law Review 294 (2016); “Dualism and Doctrine” in 90 Indiana Law Journal 975 (with Stein) (2015); “Race Sorting in Family Formation” in 49 Family Law Quarterly 57 (2015); “The State's Interest in Potential Life” in 43 Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 345 (2015); “Interest Creep” in 82 George Washington Law Review 273 (2014); “Neuro-Voir Dire and the Architecture of Bias” in 65 Hastings Law Journal 999 (2014); and “Racial Classification in Assisted Reproduction” in 118 Yale Law Journal 1844 (2009).

Heiser, Walter

Heiser's publications include California Civil Procedure (Lexis Nexis, 2012); “Using Anti-Suit Injunctions to Prevent Interdictory Actions and to Enforce Choice of Court Agreements” in 2011 Utah Law Review 855 (2011); “The Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements: The Impact of Forum Non Conveniens, Transfer of Venue, Removal, and Recognition of Judgments in Courts in the United States” in 31 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1013 (2010); “Forum Non Conveniens and Retaliatory Legislation: The Impact on the Available Alternative Forum Inquiry and on the Desirability of Forum Non Conveniens as a Defense Tactic” in 56 Kansas Law Review 609 (2008); “A Minimum Interest Approach to Personal Jurisdiction” in 35 Wake Forest Law Review 915 (2000); and “Forum Selection Clauses in Federal Courts” in 45 Florida Law Review 554 (1993).

Heriot, Gail

Heriot's publications include “Lights! Camera! Legislation!: Grandstanding Congress Set to Adopt Hate Crimes Bill that May Put Double Jeopardy Protections in Jeopardy” in 10 Engage 4 (2009); “Affirmative Action in American Law Schools” in 17 Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues 237 (2008); and “The Politics of Admissions in California” in 14 Academic Questions 29 (2001).

Hirsch, Adam

Hirsch's publications include “Disclaimers and Federalism” in 67 Vanderbilt Law Review 1871 (2014); “Formalizing Gratuitous And Contractual Transfers: A Situational Theory” in 91 Washington University at St. Louis Law Review 797 (2014); “Incomplete Wills” in 111 Michigan Law Review 1423 (2013); “Freedom of Testation/Freedom of Contract” in 95 Minnesota Law Review 2180 (2011); “The Code Breakers: How States are Modifying the UDPIA” in 46 Real Property Trust and Estate Law Journal 325 (2011); “American History of Inheritance Law” in Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History (Katz, ed.) (Oxford University Press, 2009); “Delaware Unifies the Law of Charitable and Noncharitable Purpose Trusts” in 36 Estate Planning 13 (2009); “Disclaimer Law and UDPIA's Unintended Consequences” in 36 Estate Planning 34 (2009); and “Text and Time: A Theory of Testamentary Obsolescence” in 86 Washington University Law Review 609 (2009).

Hoffinger, Roy

Hoffinger's publications include “Secret Evidence in Competition Law Investigations and Cases” in Competition Law International (2015).

Kamisar, Yale

Kamisar's publications include Constitutional Law: Cases, Comments & Questions, 10th Ed. (with Locklear, Fallon, Shiffrin, and Choper) (West Academic Publishing, 2006); Modern Criminal Procedure: Cases, Comments & Questions, 10th Ed. (with LaFave, King, and Israel) (West Academic Publishing, 2002); and Police Interrogations and Confessions (University of Michigan Press, 1980).

Kelly, Michael B.

Kelly's publications include Remedies: Cases, Practical Problems & Exercises, 3rd Ed. (with Weaver, Partlett, and Cardi) (West Academic Publishing, 2014); Principles of Remedies Law, 2nd Ed. (West Academic Publishing, 2011); Inside Contract Law: What Matters and Why (Wolters Kluwer, 2010); “The Phantom Reliance Interest in Contract Damages” in 92 Wisconsin Law Review 1755 (1992); and “The Rightful Position in 'Wrongful Life' Actions” in 42 Hastings Law Journal 505 (1991).

Lawrence, William H.

Lawrence's publications include Understanding Secured Transactions, 4th Ed. (with Henning, and Freyermuth) (Lexis Nexis, 2009); and Understanding Sales and Leases of Goods (with Henning) (Mathew Bender, 1996).

Lazerow, Herbert I.

Lazerow's publications include Mastering Art Law (Carolina Academic Press, 2015); “Criteria of International Tax Policy” in 41 San Diego Law Review 1123 (2004); and OECD Draft Influence on U.S. Income Tax Treaties (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, 1976).

Lee, Mark

Lee's publications include Organizing Corporate and other Business Enterprises (updated annually), 6th Ed. (with Gross ) (Lexis Nexis, 2000); and Antitrust Law and Local Government (Greenwood Press, 1985).

Legrand, Pierre

Legrand's publications include Negative Comparative Law (a critical conspectus on the theory of foreign and comparative research in law) (Routledge, forthcoming 2019); “Derrida?s Gadamer ” in Law?s Hermeneutics: Other Investigations p.144 (Glanert, and Girard, eds.) (Routledge, 2017); Le Droit comparé, 5th Ed. (Presses Universitaires de France, 2015); “Law?s Translation, Imperial Predilections and the Endurance of the Self” in 20 The Translator 290 (2014); Pour la relevance des droits étrangers (IRJS Editions, 2014); “Withholding Translation” in Comparative Law: Engaging Translation p.208 (Glanert, ed.) (Routledge, 2014); “Foreign Law: Understanding Understanding” in 6 Journal of Comparative Law 67 (2011); “Siting Foreign Law: How Derrida Can Help” in 21 Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law 595 (2011); “On the Singularity of Law” in 47 Harvard International Law Journal 517 (2006); and “Issues in the Translatability of Law” in Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation p.30 (Bermann, and Wood, eds.) (Princeton University Press, 2005).

Lobel, Orly

Lobel's publications include Talent Wants to Be Free: Why We Should Learn to Love Leaks, Raids, and Free-Riding (Yale University Press, 2013); “The Incentives Matrix: The Comparative Effectiveness of Rewards, Liabilities, Duties and Protections for Reporting Illegality” in 88 Texas Law Review 1151 (2010); “Citizenship, Organizational Citizenship, and the Laws of Overlapping Obligations” in 97 California Law Review 433 (2009); Encyclopedia of Labor and Employment Law and Economics (Dau-Schmidt, and Harris, eds.) (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2009); “Behavioral Versus Institutional Antecedents of Decentralized Enforcement in Organizations: An Experimental Approach” in 2 Regulations & Governance 165 (with Feldman) (2008); “Stumble, Predict, Nudge: How Behavioral Economics Informs Law and Policy” in 108 Columbia Law Review 2098 (with Amir) (2008); “The Paradox of Extra-Legal Activism: Critical Legal Consciousness and Transformative Politics” in 120 Harvard Law Review 937 (2007); and “The Renew Deal: The Fall of Regulation and the Rise of Governance in Contemporary Legal Thought” in 89 Minnesota Law Review 342 (2004).

Martin, Shaun P.

Martin's publications include “Substitution” in 73 Tennessee Law Review 545 (2007); “Encumbered Shares” in 2005 Illinois Law Review 775 (with Partnoy) (2005); and “Intracorporate Conspiracies” in 50 Stanford Law Review 399 (1998).

McGowan, David

McGowan's publications include “Big But Brittle: Economic Perspectives of the Law Firm in the New Economy” in 2011 Columbia Business Journal 1 (with Burk) (2011); “Some Realism about the Free Speech Critique of Copyright” in 74 Fordham Law Review 101 (2005); “Copyright Nonconsequentialism” in 69 Missouri Law Review 1 (2004); and “Legal Implications of Network Economic Effects” in 86 California Law Review 479 (1998).

McGowan, Miranda Oshige

McGowan's publications include Obamacare's Day in Court: What Kind of Conservatism Will Win? San Diego Union-Tribune (March 28, 2012); “Can Citizenship Reinvigorate the Fight for Gender Equality?” in 28 Constitutional Commentary (2012); and “Do As I Say, Not as I Do: An Empirical investigation of Justice Scalia's Ordinary Meaning Methodology for Interpreting Statutes” in 78 Mississippi Law Journal 1301 (2008).

Partnoy, Frank

Partnoy's publications include Business Organization and Finance: Legal and Economic Principles, 12th Ed. (with Coffee, Jr. , and Klein) (Foundation Press, 2015); Corporations: A Contemporary Approach , 2nd Ed. (with Palmiter) (West Academic Publishing, 2014); Wait: the Art and Science of Delay (Public Affairs, 2012); The Match King: Ivar Kreuger, The Financial Genius Behind a Century of Wall Street Scandals (Public Affairs, 2010); F.I.A.S.C.O.: Blood in the Water on Wall Street (W.W. Norton and Company, 2009); and Infectious Greed: How Deceit and Risk Corrupted the Financial Markets, 2nd Ed. (Public Affairs, 2009).

Ramirez, Jean

Ramirez's publications include Criminal Litigation in Action, 3rd Ed. (with Berend) (Carolina Academic Press, forthcoming 2015); Criminal Litigation In Action, 2nd Ed. (with Berend) (California Academic Press, 2002); and State v. Johnson: An Acquaintance Rape Case File and Problem Set (National Institute for Trial Advocacy Publishing, 2000).

Ramsey, Lisa P.

Ramsey's publications include “A Free Speech Right to Trademark Protection” in 106 Trademark Reporter 797 (2016); “Reconciling Trademark Rights and Free Expression Locally and Globally” in International Intellectual Property: A Handbook of Contemporary Research p.341 (Gervais, ed.) (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015); “Mechanisms for Limiting Trade Mark Rights to Further Competition and Free Speech” in 44 International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 671 (with Schovsbo) (2013); “Brandjacking on Social Networks: Trademark Infringement by Impersonation of Markholders” in 58 Buffalo Law Review 851 (2010); “Free Speech and International Obligations to Protect Trademarks” in 35 Yale Journal of International Law 405 (2010); “Increasing First Amendment Scrutiny of Trademark Law” in 61 Southern Methodist University Law Review 381 (2008); “First Amendment Limitations on Trademark Rights” in Intellectual Property and Information Wealth: Issues and Practices in the Digital Age (Yu, ed.) (Praeger, 2006); “Intellectual Property Rights in Advertising” in 12 Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review 189 (2006); and “Descriptive Trademarks and the First Amendment” in 70 Tennessee Law Review 1095 (2003).

Ramsey, Michael D.

Ramsey's publications include “Congress's Limited Power to Enforce Treaties” in 90 Notre Dame Law Review 1539 (2015); International Law in the U.S. Supreme Court (Sloss, Ramsey, and Dodge, eds.) (Cambridge University Press, 2011); The Constitution's Text in Foreign Affairs (Harvard University Press, 2007); “Textualism and War Powers” in 69 Chicago Law Review (2002); and “The Executive Power Over Foreign Affairs” in 111 Yale Law Journal 231 (with Prakash) (2001).

Rappaport, Michael B.

Rappaport's publications include “Originalism and the Colorblind Constitution” in 89 Notre Dame Law Review 71 (2013); Originalism and the Good Constitution (with McGinnis) (Harvard University Press, 2013); “The National Convention Constitutional Amendment Method: Defects, Federalism Implications, and Reform” in 96 Virginia Law Review 1509 (2010); and “Original Methods Originalism: A New Theory of Interpretation and the Case Against Construction” in 103 Northwestern Law Review 751 (with McGinnis) (2009).

Saucet, Marcel

Saucet's publications include Street Marketing, guerrilla marketing actions in the Street (ABC CLIO Edition, forthcoming 2015); La marque chez le psy (Les Éditions Diateino, 2015); “The Secret Lives of Unconventional Campaigns: Street Marketing on the Fringe” in 1 Journal of Marketing (with Cova) (2015); “Taryn Rose Launches Dresr: Street Marketing a Luxury Brand” in Harvard Business Review (with Goldberg, and Snively) (2014); Street Marketing?, objets connectés (Les Éditions Diateino, 2014); Le street marketing: une pratique non règlementaire? Décisions Marketing (with Cova) (January 2014); “Marketing non convenzionali, notizie e futuro della ricerca” (under review at Micro & Macro Marketing) in Euromed (with Cova) (2013); Street Marketing? (Les Éditions Diateino, 2013); “Unconventional Marketing: from Guerrilla to Consumer Made” in Routledge Companion on The Future of Marketing (with Cova) (Routledge, 2013); and “Preface” in La marque sur le divan (Tomasella, ed.) (LCA Edition, 2012).

Schwarzschild, Maimon

Schwarzschild's publications include “Judicial Independence and Judicial Hubris” in The Culture of Judicial Independence (Forsyth, and Shetreet, eds.) (Martinus Nijhof, 2012); “Constitutional Law and Equality” in A Companion to Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory, 2nd Ed. (Patterson, ed.) (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010); “On This Side of the Law and On That Side of the Law” in 46 San Diego Law Review 755 (2009); “The Ethics and Economics of American Legal Education Today” in 17 Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues 3 (2008); “Civil Rights and Free Speech” in Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (Findelman, ed.) (Routledge, 2006); and “Keeping it Private” in 25 University of Queensland Law Journal 215 (2006).

Sichelman, Ted

Sichelman's publications include “Do Economic Downturns Dampen Patent Litigation? ” in 12 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 481 (with Marco, and Miller) (2015); “Purging Patent Law of 'Private Law' Remedies” in 92 Texas Law Review 516 (2014); “The Vonage Trilogy: A Case Study in 'Patent Bullying'” in 90 Notre Dame Law Review 543 (2014); “Enforcement as Substance in Tax Compliance” in 70 Washington and Lee Law Review 1679 (with Lederman) (2013); “Patents as Promoters of Competition: The Guild Origins of Patent Law in the Venetian Republic” in 49 San Diego Law Review 1267 (with O'Connor) (2012); “Life After Bilski” in 63 Stanford Law Review 1315 (with Lemley, Wagner, and Risch) (2011); “Commercializing Patents” in 62 Stanford Law Review 341 (2010); “Patenting by Entrepreneurs: An Empirical Study” in 17 Michigan Telecommunications & Technology Law Review 111 (with Graham) (2010); and “High Technology Entrepreneurs and the Patent System: Results of the 2008 Berkeley Patent Survey” in 24 Berkeley Technology Law Journal 255 (2009).

Smith, Steven D.

Smith's publications include “Die and Let Live? The Asymmetry of Accommodation” in Religious Freedom and Gay Rights (Oxford University Press, 2016); “Freedom of Religion or Freedom of the Church?” in Legal Responses to Religious Practices in the United States (Sarat, ed.) (Cambridge University Press, 2014); The Rise and Decline of American Religious Freedom (Harvard University Press, 2014); “That Old-Time Originalism” in The Challenge of Originalism: Theories of Constitutional Interpretation (Huscroft, and Miller, eds.) (Cambridge University Press, 2013); The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse (Harvard University Press, 2010); “Discourse in the Dusk: The Twilight of Religious Freedom” in 122 Harvard Law Review 1869 (2009); “How To Remove a Federal Judge” in 116 Yale Law Journal 72 (with Prakash) (2006); Law's Quandary (Harvard University Press, 2004); The Constitution and the Pride of Reason (Oxford University Press, 1998); and Foreordained Failure: The Quest for a Constitutional Principle of Religious Freedom (Oxford University Press, 1995).

Smith, Thomas A.

Smith's publications include “The Efficient Norm for Corporate Law” in 98 Michigan Law Review 214 (1999); “A Capital Markets Approach to Mass Torts Bankruptcy” in 104 Yale Law Review 367 (1994); “Four Faces of the Item Veto: A Reply to Tribe and Kurland” in 84 Northwestern Law Review 43 (with Sidak) (1990); and “Institutions and Entrepreneurs in American Corporate Finance” in 85 California Law Review 1 (1987).

Snyder, Allen C.

Snyder's publications include A Practical Guide to California Evidence (with Bocchino, and Sonenshein) (National Institute for Trial Publishing, 1997); and Mental Disorder in the Criminal Process (with Morris) (Greenwood Press, 1993).

Sohoni, Mila

Sohoni's publications include “Crackdowns” in 103 Virginia Law Review 31 (2017); “On Dollars and Deference: Agencies, Spending, and Economic Rights” in 66 Duke Law Journal 1677 (2017); “The Administrative Constitution in Exile” in 57 William and Mary Law Review 923 (2016); “The Power to Privilege” in 163 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 487 (2015); “The Problem with 'Coercion Aversion': Novel Questions and the Avoidance Canon” in 33 Yale Journal on Regulation Online (2015); “Agency Adjudication and Judicial Nondelegation: An Article III Canon” in 107 Northwestern Law Review 1569 (2013); “Notice and the New Deal” in 62 Duke Law Journal 1169 (2013); and “The Idea of 'Too Much Law'” in 80 Fordham Law Review 1585 (2012).

Spector, Horacio

Spector's publications include “Value Pluralism and the Two Concepts of Rights” in 46 San Diego Law Review 819 (2010); “Don't Cry for Me Argentina: Economic Crises and the Restructuring of Financial Property” in 14 Fordham Journal of Banking and Financial Law 771 (2009); “The Right to a Constitutional Jury” in 3 Legisprudence 111 (2009); and “A Contractarian Approach to Unconscionability” in 81 Chicago-Kent Law Review 96 (2006).

Ulfbeck, Vibe

Ulfbeck's publications include “Malpractice in Scandinavia” in 87 Chicago-Kent Law Review 111 (with Hartlev, and Schultz) (2012); “Contracts of Logistics under the Rotterdam Rules” in 17 Journal of International Maritime Law 219 (2011); and “Direct Actions Against the Insurer in a Maritime Setting: The European Perspective” in 2 Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly 293 (2011).

Ursin, Edmund

Ursin's publications include “Holmes, Cardozo and the Legal Realists: Early Incarnations of Legal Pragmatism and Enterprise Liability” in 50 San Diego Law Review 537 (2013); The Politics of Protest (with Skolnick, et al. ) (New York University Press, 2010); “How Great Judges Think: Judges Richard Posner, Henry Friendly, and Roger Traynor on Judicial Lawmaking” in 57 Buffalo Law Review 1267 (2009); “The Deacademicification of Tort Theory” in 48 Kansas Law Review 59 (with Nolan) (1999); Understanding Enterprise Liability: Rethinking Tort Reform for the Twenty-First Century (with Nolan) (Temple University Press, 1995); Pollution and Policy (with Krier) (University of California Press, 1977); and The Politics of Protest (with Skolnick, et al. ) (Simone Schuster, 1969).

Wiggins, Mary Jo

Wiggins' publications include Questions & Answers: Bankruptcy, 2nd Ed. (with Markell) (Lexis Nexis, forthcoming 2017); “Restrictions on Debt Relief Agencies” in Collier on Bankruptcy, 16th Ed. (Resnick, and Sommer, eds.) (Lexis Nexis, 2015); “The Political Economy of the $26 Billion Dollar Mortgage Settlement” in 41 Western State University Law Review (2013); “Conservative Economics and Optimal Consumer Bankruptcy Policy” in 7 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 347 (2006); “Finance and Factionalism: The Uneasy Present (and Future) of Special Interest Committees in Corporate Reorganization Law” in 41 San Diego Law Review 1373 (2004); and “Race, Class, and Suburbia: The Modern Black Suburb as a Race-Making Situation” in 35 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 749 (2002).

Wonnell, Christopher T.

Wonnell's publications include “The Contractual Disempowerment of Employees” in 46 Stanford Law Review 87 (1993); “The Influential Myth of a Generalized Conflict of Interests Between Labor and Management” in 81 Georgetown Law Journal 39 (1992); and “Problems in the Application of Political Philosophy to Law” in 86 Michigan Law Review 123 (1987).


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