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upcoming events

Welcome Week
September 5-15

Student Affairs Divisional Breakfast
September 13, 8:30-11am
Hahn UC Forum C

Conversations with Carmen
September 19, 1pm
Outside Tú Mercado

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employee development

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Fit into Fall
Yoga Fusion
1st and 3rd Friday of the month 12:30-1:25pm
Mission Fitness Center

Total Body Conditioning
Every Wednesday
Mission Fitness Center

CHR@USD Football Tailgate
USD vs. Western New Mexico
September 7
Tailgate- 4:30-6pm, Kickoff- 6pm
Each employee is eligible to receive four meal and game tokens

Suzie's Farm Tour
Date TBA
RSVP to by September 1

Annual Employee Service and Recognition Luncheon
October 22, 11:30-1:30pm
More info TBA

Monthly Walks
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Congratulations and thank You

Dear Student Affairs Team!

Thank you for the wonderful, collaborative efforts in developing and implementing successful Pre-O’s, Ole’ Weekend and now Torero Welcome Week!

Done well, collaborative efforts produce some pretty amazing and very successful experiences for our students. It was a joy and a pleasure welcoming the Class of 2017 and new transfer and continuing students and their families. Your collective efforts and those of our partners across campus contribute to making our university great.

Best wishes for a wonderful semester!
Ole’ Carmen

Ole Weekend Photos

Thank you for all of your hard work during Ole Weekend! We have received so many fantastic compliments from students, parents, and community members!

Check out some pictures from the weekend below!

United Front Multicultural Center Community Lunch

The United Front Multicultural Center staff and students hope you can join them for their first Community Lunch of the year tomorrow, September 5, at 12:30pm in SLP 418. Stop by for great food, conversation and a brief welcome from the staff and students!

Torero Life Stories and Events

With the beginning of the school year, we know that there is a plethora of activity and excitement on and around campus! The Torero Life team would like to support your events and highlight any student stories that may be interesting to the student body throughout the academic year.

If you have any requests or ideas for feature stories on the Torero Life page, please contact Kenny Eng ( We highly encourage every department to post their events in the MyPostings system ( so we can send your events to the main USD website, the Torero Life/Student Affairs sites, and many other websites across campus. We are also available to help support your web presence and would be more than happy to discuss ways to make your websites and social media accounts more engaging, relevant, and fun! Thanks and good luck with the beginning of the year!

Shout Outs

Shout out to the Ole Weekend event crew, PA's, PAC, Welcome Team, RA's, RA LLC Theme Coordinators, and Orientation Core Planners. Thank you for the wonderful, collaborative efforts in developing and implementing successful Pre-O’s, Ole’ Weekend and now Torero Welcome Week! -Carmen Vazquez

Shout out to Ryan Bennet and his crew for setting up all the rooms that had an extra person added to them. -Tony Quezada

Shout out to Bob Ballantyne, Justin Gibson, Adriana Molina, Steve Sprinkle, Sylvie Shuttleworth and Lauren Woolley for being fabulous colleagues and providing terrific orientation training to our new interns. -Karen Lese-Fowler

Shout out to Sara Molitoris, Jason Schreiber, Marie Minnick, Mandy Womack, Esteban Del Rio, Adan Sanchez, Nicki Schuessler, Ben Mendoza, Lorena Perez, Porcha Ingram, Erin Lovette-Colyer, Sara Padilla, Rachel Lincoln, Josie Gomez, Brent Allman and Denise Ambriz for facilitating a successful Community@USD presentation during Olé Weekend! - Mayté Pérez-Franco

Shout out to Student Life Facilities team for their support in the planning process and attention to detail ensuring great success at the First-Generation Lunch during OLÉ! Weekend and Transfer Fall Orientation. -Adan Sanchez

Shout out to the new GA's- LaPorcha Ingram, Ben Mendoza, and Lorena Perez, for their help with the First-Generation Lunch. -Adan Sanchez

Shout out to Mayté Perez-Franco for coordinating the Community@USD sessions. -Adan Sanchez

Shout out to the Rainbow Educators for completing three RE workshops with 170 participants and three Safe Space Allies trainings with 60 participants in August. -Adan Sanchez

Shout out to Ben Mendoza for coordinating and doing a great job with the first UFMC Community Lunch. -Adan Sanchez

Want to recognize a colleague for their great work or general awesomeness? Submit a Shout Out for the next Student Affairs Newsletter to Liberty at

Please send any news or events for the upcoming week to Kenny Eng by Wednesdays at 12pm.