June 28, 2012
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Residential Life Staffing Updates

Residential Life has completed their national searches for the two new Associate Director positions. Pat Marino joins us on July 9th from Niagara University and will have responsibility for the first-year areas. Luke LaCroix joins us from the College of New Jersey and will have responsibility for the Upperclass/Graduate areas and RHA. Many thanks to search committee members Sean Horrigan, Adan Sanchez, Merrick Marino, Stephanie Bernasconi, Sylvie Marquez, Bree Moore, and Melissa Halter, who did an excellent job. We would also like to thank all who assisted with interviews and hosting of candidates.

Residential Life will be hosting a welcome breakfast at Mission Crossroads on July 23rd from 9:30-10:30 a.m., to provide an opportunity for Student Affairs to meet all the new staff members.

Counselling Center Counselor Recognized by American Psychological Association

Please join us in congratulating Karen Lese-Fowler, who has been selected to receive the American Psychological Association Society of Counseling Psychology's "Outstanding Training Director" award. This award recognizes Karen's success in establishing a highly regarded internship training program here at the Counseling Center. The award also recognizes her significant contributions to the profession through professional publications and her leadership positions in the Association of Professional Psychology Internship Centers and the Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies. Congratulations, Karen!

CHR@USD Updates

Please check out the new CHR@USD events for the summer. There are many ways to keep active and engaged in the USD community throughout the summer and CHR would love to see you at one of our events!

Weekly Newsletter Note

The Student Affairs weekly newsletter will be on hiatus for the month of July and will continue for the 2012-2013 school year in August. See you then!

Lessons from Ernie

There are four major brain/learning systems: thinking, feeling, doing, and connecting.

Shout Outs!

Shout out to all of Student Affairs, but especially Residential Life for an amazing seven years! -Matt Kuder

Shout out to the Employee Development Committee and everyone involved in making the Student Affairs End of the Year Breakfast so fun and memorable! -Carmen Vazquez

Shout out to Arthur Atkinson for his efforts working with CollegeWeekLive staff, putting together the Torero Days power point and managing the on-site coordination needs. -Marie Minnick

Shout out to Kenny Eng for his help with the Torero Days webinar's embedded videos. -Marie Minnick

Shout out to Mark Zocher from ITS who assisted us with the Torero Days webinar quite a bit before the webinar and stayed through the webinar in case he was needed. -Marie Minnick

Shout out to the Student Life Facilities staff for their help with the Exhibit Hall set-up for the Torero Days webinar. -Marie Minnick

Shout out to Dayanne Izmirian and Liberty Hebron for their great help with the Torero Days webinar script. -Marie Minnick

Shout out to our three student presenters Marc Gonzales, Edred Utomi and Elizabeth Pun (a.k.a. "the talent") who did a great job and put in significant time in preparation for Torero Days webinar and helped with the chat rooms. -Marie Minnick

Shout out to those who helped by serving as "University Reps" in the Torero Days webinar chat rooms: Dayanne Izmirian, Merrick Marino, Daniella Knelman, Eric Embacher, Tony Quezada, Greg Grassi, Brandon McCreary, and Liberty Hebron as well as students Alison Mackey, Toni DeGuire, Ana Soloviova, and Carrie Enkler. -Marie Minnick

Shout out to Mariann Sanchez for the creativity and knowledge she provided to the Torero Days webinar. -Marie Minnick

Shout out to Matt Kuder for being an incredible colleague and a source of strength, energy, and encouragement in my life for so many years. Love! -Liberty Hebron

Shout out to Serena Boyd for her continued poise and versatility throughout summer swim lessons and the exciting facets of USD Rec Life! -Barbara Zackowski

Shout out to Jennifer Lee for inspiring ongoing positive USD community energy through each campus encounter! -Barbara Zackowski

Shout out to Liberty Hebron and Manda Sayegh for overseeing all areas of the SLIC for the past two weeks while the other full-time staff were on vacation! -Mandy Womack

Shout out to Marie Minnick for her awesome support in all things Residential Life and especially the early morning training for summer R.A.'s! -Irene Bubnack

Shout out to Leilani Sharrett for finding last minute meeting spaces and the UCO staff getting every detail just right! -Irene Bubnack

Shout out to Liberty Hebron and Brandon McCreary for all your incredible work on Matt's farewell CD! You made me cry and laugh! -Irene Bubnack

Shout out to Janice Blanton for the many parties she has planned this spring and summer with style, grace, and great food! You are amazing! -Irene Bubnack

Shout out to the Fun Committee for making the End of the Year Breakfast preparations so fun! -Irene Bubnack

Shout out to Kenny Eng for his artistic mind and eye for photos, messages, and concepts throughout that make Student Affairs so awesome!-Irene Bubnack

Shout out to Ashley Whiting for being my right hand, bright eyes, and spare brain cells. You are an incredible woman! -Irene Bubnack

Shout out to the Residential Life Project Workers. Thanks for EATING ALL THE CHOCOLATES! Oh yeah, and the heavy lifting! -Irene Bubnack

Shout out to Chris Burden for support with Residential Life residents and extra effort in all! -Irene Bubnack

Want to recognize a colleague for their great work or general awesomeness? Submit a Shout Out for the next Student Affairs Newsletter to Liberty at libertyhebron@sandiego.edu.

Please send any news or events for the upcoming week to Kenny Eng by Wednesdays at 12 p.m.


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