May 30, 2013
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End of the Year Message from VP Carmen Vazquez

Dear Team,

Thank you for another successful semester in Student Affairs. We wouldn't have been able to accomplish what we did in 2012-2013 if it wasn't for your collective hard work and dedication. There were unexpected challenges that occurred at USD but with teamwork and the availability of resources that we provided, we as a team were successful in their management. The excellent services that Student Affairs continued to provide students, colleagues, and other staff on campus reflects favorably on the division and yourselves. I am reminded of one of our core principles of Catholic Social Thought of Solidarity With the Human Family. As summer approaches, I encourage you take time off and enjoy yourselves. Let renewal and rejuvenation be your mantra!

Warm regards,

Carmen's Crusaders

They say the third time's the charm and after our third appearance in the annual Torero Cup, Carmen's Crusaders took home the trophy! The Torero Cup will be engraved and put on display in the Vice President for Student Affairs office suite (Hahn UC 232) until next year when we gather again as the defending champions in the next competition! Many thanks to our amazing team captains Mariann Sanchez and John Godfrey, and to everyone who participated in the games and who supported our teams!

Also, a special shout out to the High Flyers, who won the annual Chicken Toss event this year!

If you would like to share any of your photos from the picnic, please email them to Kenny!

Student Affairs Flash Mob

Thank you to everyone who participated in the flash mob and who supported the mobbers from the audience! It was a lot of fun! Special thanks to the Employee Development Committee and Liberty Hebron for cordinating everything! Be on the look out next week at the Student Affairs End of the Year breakfast for the video of our Student Affairs Flash Mob!

Congratulations Darla Laatsch

Congratulations Darla Laatsch of the Student Health Center who was this year's recipient of the Manuel Hernandez Staff Employee of the Year award! This award is based on job competence, dedication to the job, department and university, initiative and willingness to assume responsibility and relations with others and the exemplification of the values of the University. Darla's name will be added to the perpetual plaque located in the foyer of the Hahn UC!

Newsletter Summer Hiatus

The Student Affairs newsletter will be taking a hiatus until August. Thank you for sumbitting all of your stories and photos to us this past year! See you in the fall!

Shout Outs

Shout out to the entire Residential Life team (and especially the Vistas' Janice Blanton) for all of the work they put in during closing! -Shannon Bradley

Shout out to Commencement Marshals Marie Minnick, Luke LaCroix, Patrick Marino, Will Andrews and Brandon McCreary! -Cynthia Avery

Shout out to Mandy, Jason, and Jason, for a successful AS/TPB 2013-14 Team Retreat! -Cynthia Avery

Shout out to Manda, Laura, and Liberty for staffing the Senior Grad Night! -Cynthia Avery

Shout out to all of Carmen's Crusaders for the energy and spirit they put into the Torero Cup games and Student Affairs Flash Mob! -Liberty Hebron

Special shout out to Mariann Sanchez, Stacey Williams, Lilia Oseguera, Darla Laatsch, Kim Woodruff, Judy Belgau, Pam Sikes, Diane Rutan, Diana Bartlett, Nicole Long, Julie North, Maureen Kane, Barbara Zackowski, Shannon Bradley, Erin Lovette-Colyer, Meggie Zanger, Nicki Schuessler, Serena Boyd, Rickey Vignati, and Carmen Vazquez for all of the great work with our first Student Affairs Flash Mob! Thank you for taking the time to learn all of the moves and step out onto the field in a special way. I appreciate you all! -Liberty Hebron

Shout out to Kenny Eng for the outstanding editing of my first (and last) dance tutorial video. 20 minutes of fame. Thanks Kenny! [Editor's note: Your last video? That's what you think.] -Liberty Hebron

Shout out to Nicki Schuessler and Mike Dils for helping me out on a busy Commencement afternoon. -Greg Zackowski

Shout out to Liberty Hebron for a great job of leading the Flash Mob Groovers, and to Mariann Sanchez and John Godfrey for leading us to the Torero Cup! You are THE BEST! -Maureen Kane

Shout out to Carmen's Crusaders! You are the best! -Carmen Vazquez

Shout out to the Student Affairs Division! Thank you for a great year! -Carmen Vazquez

Should out to Liberty for creating a fun time for all! Cheers! -Carmen Vazquez

Shout out to the Torero Life Editorial Team for all of the great work that was done this year! Looking forward to the launch of TLife 2.0! -Kenny Eng

Shout out to Carmen's Crusaders and our great team captains, Mariann Sanchez and John Godfrey! Thanks for organizing our motley crew! -Kenny Eng

Want to recognize a colleague for their great work or general awesomeness? Submit a Shout Out for the next Student Affairs Newsletter to Liberty at

Please send any news or events for the upcoming week to Kenny Eng by Wednesdays at 12pm.


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