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Begin quote As alumni, we must stand up for the continuing success of our university. We need all of our alumni giving every year, regardless of each gifts size. Alumni giving helps our students, helps athletics, helps academics, and much more. – Maureen Gavron Partynski '82 Outgoing Alumni Association Board President

2017 USD Alcalá Alumni Fund Allocation

The Alcalá Alumni Fund has accumulated approximately $175,000 over the past fiscal year. Gifts to the Alcalá Alumni Fund support the University of San Diego’s highest priorities and most pressing needs. The allocation breakdown is listed below.

Scholarships – 40%

Forty-one percent of gifts support scholarships for today’s students, making it possible for students of the highest caliber to attend the university, regardless of their financial circumstances. During the 2016-2017 Academic Year, over 70% of students received financial aid. It is evident that one of the University’s top priorities is to provide scholarship support for our students and make the USD education affordable.

Fostering School Spirit – 29%

Twenty-nine percent of gifts supported purchasing band equipment so that USD can continue to build a school band. Bands have been proven to foster school spirit and engagement in sporting events, and Prof. Jeff Malecki and others on the Music faculty have been working hard to help increase Torero Spirit, and the USD Alumni Association is the lead sponsor in their efforts.


Career Development – 10%

Eleven percent of gifts support the USD Alumni Association and the Career Development Center partnership on Torero Treks, a program where students visit alumni working at companies in regions outside of San Diego. Torero Treks are a valuable professional learning experience, allowing students to become familiar with organizations in a small group setting, to get a sense of office culture, and to expand their professional network. We increased our Treks to 15 this past year with a total participation of students jumping from 162 in 2015-16 to 345 in 2016-17.

Changemaker Challenge – 9%

Nine percent of gifts support the Changemaker Challenge, which invites students, faculty, and staff to employ imagination, hard work, and passion to generate ideas for addressing a current social challenge. The Alcala Alumni Fund aids in the promotion of the Challenge, the execution of 10+ workshops and field trips and overall engaged 500+ students, staff, and faculty.

Student Travel Funds – 6%

Six percent of gifts support Student Travel Funds. Every year, the Provost learns of students who cannot participate in core programming away from San Diego due to lack of travel funds. This year, the Alcala Alumni Fund will support students who have financial need, which will allow them to travel to academic conferences, participate in away club sporting events or even study abroad.

Student Summer Housing Support – 6%

Six percent of gifts support student summer housing which helps a number of students in difficult situations. We have a small number of students who were raised in foster care and now have no home to return to. These funds help them cover living expenses over the summer months. The funds also help deserving students who are staying in San Diego because they are working on a research project, an unpaid internship, or another project that requires that they pay for housing.


*These numbers were taken from gifts made to the Alcalá Alumni Fund over the last fiscal year (July 2016 - June 2017).

What is alumni participation? Why is it important?

  • The term alumni participation when used in higher education specifically means the percentage of alumni that make an annual financial gift to their alma mater.
  • Since alumni participation rate is universally regarded as the best way to measure alumni satisfaction with their alma mater, it is one of the key metrics used to determine national rankings and the financial support received from foundations.
  • These institutions do not look at the dollar amount of alumni gifts, just the percentage of alumni that give at any level. A gift of $25 is just as important as a gift of $2,500 when it comes to alumni participation.
  • Although national rankings and international recognition increases the value of USD degrees, the bottom line is that alumni gifts sustain the University of San Diego. Collectively, thousands of individual gifts enable us to provide much-needed scholarships, services, programs and facilities for our current students.

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